We answer your questions about the process of creating your website and how you can boost the number of visitors and sales.

Website creation

What is the process to create my website?

So you’ve decided you need a new website for your business? That’s great news because you’re well on the way to attracting more customers. 

At Linkeo, we know that small-business owners have enough on their plates without their website development causing them worries. 
We think that creating a website for your company should be painless and maybe even a bit of fun! 

That’s why, from the time you kick off the process of your web design and development you’ll be in the expert hands of one of our advisers who’ll take care of the business side of the website so you can just enjoy giving your creative input and watching the website take shape. 
We won’t draw out the process either. In fact, normally the whole process takes about two months from the time you give us the green light to the time your new website is live and being viewed by your brand new customers. 

One of our advisers will take you through each step, including:

  • choosing your domain name or buying the transfer 
  • choosing your website design (the look and feel) 
  • picking those perfect pictures 
  • deciding on the tabs and categories of your website (the structure) 
  • creating the relevant email addresses where customers can contact you 
  • creating content that’s both interesting and search engine optimised.

At Linkeo we know that every small business in Australia is completely different. 
So we take the time to work with each of our clients to create a website design that truly reflects what you do.

Not only do we offer a good variety of packaged services to choose from, we also take on-board each client’s creative input. On top of this, we offer a range of products that can be completely tailor-made. 

Our website design team can create a professional and user-friendly website that reflects your company’s particular style. 
We’ll can create a company logo if you don’t already have one. With our virtual showroom you can even preview the visual rendering of your future website. 

SEO content

Where will my website's content come from?

After you’ve chosen the design of your website, the next important step is creating the content. Relevance is one of the key indicators that search engines use to determine whether or not to list a website higher up on a results page. 
This means that in order to get a high ranking for your website, we need to write SEO content that uses the same keywords that your audience is likely to use when they’re searching. 

Every business wants their website ranking highly in Google. Who wouldn’t? 

This is where your input will be crucial. 

Through discussions with you, we will get to know your business, your products and services and your special expertise.

Most of all, we’ll need you to help us get to know a little about your customers.

From there, our team of writers will prepare your website content incorporating interesting information that will hit a note with your audience and more importantly, hit a note with search engines. 

e-Commerce websites

How can Linkeo boost sale through my website?

Two keys to increasing sales through your e-commerce website are usability and easy access for customers. 
A pretty design will make your website look good but that’s useless if your audience can’t what they need! 

They’ll just go to another website. 

One of the crucial steps our designers take in developing your website is to constantly assess your website’s usability. 

A well-structured website will help your visitors find information quickly and easily, leading to a better experience. 
And if your visitors can find the products and services they need and easily find out how they can get them from you, this can only be better for business, right? 

What if I want to make content updates after my web development is complete?

At Linkeo, we think that’s a great idea and a sure-fire way to increase sales! 

An up-to-date business website gives your company credibility and shows customers that you’re on top of your game. 

If you want to be able to keep your website up to date, we can give you administrative ability so you can continue to keep the website current with your new services and offers or, if you choose, we can make the updates for you.

What other web-savvy can Linkeo offer my business?

Glad you asked! 

At Linkeo, we don’t just create a website for your business but work to establish your company with a comprehensive and strong online presence. 

We can create your Facebook and Google+ pages so you can start to build an online community and engage with your customers directly. 

We can set you up with a Google Places page and we can even create a video that showcases your business and can be shared on YouTube.

Video production

Why should my business make a video?

Corporate videos are a great way to attract customers to your business. 

Not only is a video the perfect way to humanise the company and make a personal connection with your audience, having a video can make a huge positive impact on your company’s web visibility. 

That’s because videos can easily be shared on YouTube, Facebook, Google + and other social networks. 

The more times a video is liked, shared and commented on, the more likely it is that the video will appear in search results and have a high level of popularity. 

Imagine if, with one great video production, you could have your audience sharing your video and indirectly promoting your products and services for you? 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

How can my website be more visible on the web?

There isn’t one smart small business in Australia that wouldn’t want to improve their website’s ranking on Google. Your website competes with thousands of others online, so it must be listed at a good level in the results pages of search engines so that potential customers can reach you after making just a simple search. That’s where SEO comes in. 

Why is it necessary for businesses to be present on Facebook?

Facebook is a social network which has experienced phenomenal growth since its inception in February 2004, with nearly 1.2 billion of users.

Facebook: much more than a passing fad, a beacon for your activities

It would be a mistake to think that Facebook is only visited by youths and teenagers. 

On the contrary, the social network is quite successful among adults, with nearly 60% of its users having more than 25 years old. 

As it is, Facebook is an open door to a huge number of potential customers.

Beyond the fact that its outreach encompasses a large number of people, Facebook also offers free access and services to private individuals, while its cost of operation for professionals is relatively low.

On top of that, it is Facebook's propensity to generate viral content that makes it a major player in the world of communication today.

New business opportunities are there for taking: you can easily attract new prospective clients while strengthening your online customer relationships with this community tool. 

With proper management, it is also possible that your Facebook page generates more internet traffic for your website: the more your brand is visible online, the more people are likely to click on links redirecting to your homepage.

However, a Facebook account in itself is not enough to guarantee effective digital communication. This must be done in addition to other online and offline communication strategies. 

Facebook's different uses

Just like Google +, this social network allows its corporate users to achieve more than one objective simultaneously: 

  • Improving one's own brand image: 
    With astute management of its online reputation, a company can minimise the risk of bad word of mouth which, if left unattended, can cause consequent negative damage to a company's reputation
  • Generate customer loyalty:
    Facebook is a true CRM tool that allows enterprises to retain customers on a long term basis. This can be done by generating more relevant and effective promotional communications to the target audience.
  • Identify and manage client expectations: 
    With its statistical analysis tool, the company is able to identify more easily the profile of its customers on Facebook. This makes it possible to create personalised, individual offers for particular groups of people.
  • A platform to entice new customers: 
    With the "share" feature, Facebook provides businesses with the possibility to be visible by the friends of friends, therefore allowing them to draw in other qualified customers.

What's SEO and why should I use it?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the name given to the practice of optimizing the content on your website so that it appears closer to the top of a search results page in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

Relevance is one of the key indicators that search engines use to determine whether or not to list a website higher up on a results page. 
This means that in order to get a high ranking for your website, you need to write SEO content that uses the same keywords that your audience is likely to use when they’re searching. 
Linkeo can assist you in your SEO strategy and in choosing the keywords that count. 
A well done SEO campaign can take a little work and business brain-power but the payoff is definitely worth it. 
If you really want to start attracting new customers, then start by making SEO work for you. 

SEO: what is it, who uses it and why use it?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategic and technical method involving several techniques used to make a website more visible on the internet.

By registering the sites on directories, generating link pages and creating content, a website's position on search engine result pages can be improved. 

This happens after the search engine's algorithms calculate its position, as a consequence of the combined efforts of the proceedings mentioned above.

However, the success of these actions will also depend on multiple factors intrinsic to the website:

  • The website design: a site which is aesthetically pleasing and is easy on the eyes is more likely to make the user want to stay and navigate on its pages
  • Ergonomics: crucial for the user to be able to browse easily among the contents, and essential for search engines to position the website more effectively on the SERPs 
  • Website architecture: if the website has a good technical framework, its associated SEO activity will be boosted

What type of companies make use of SEO?

As long as a business enterprise is interested in promoting its activities online, it can find a SEO campaign suited to its needs. 

As such, small and medium enterprises, artisans, commercial traders and large groups may all find SEO in their best interests.

What are the main advantages of using SEO? 

Search Engine Optimisation brings about many benefits for SMBs and micro-enterprises as they provide:

  • long-term, meaningful results pertaining to website visibility 
  • high return on investment (ROI) 
  • a positive image in the public's perception
  • good corporate reputation (product or service appeal) 
  • prolonged website steadiness with no necessity to inject extra money
  • perpetual visibility on the internet through organic search*

* this does not guarantee that the website will appear on the first page of search engine results, rather it will allow your site to continue to exist on the web. 

To make sure that your site shows up on the first page, it must be continuously updated with new content, enriched with material relevant to your field of activity, and promoted in parallel with other means such as SEM campaigns or social networking actions.

The importance of keywords in SEO?

What's a keyword?

Keywords refer to a certain specific set of words that activate the results showed by search engines when the internet user makes a query online. 

By simply typing about what they are looking for in the search bar, search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo provide results accordingly.

In the field of online marketing, the importance of keywords cannot be understated. 

The proper choice of keywords for your SEM or SEO campaign can result in a notable increase in qualified traffic coming to your website. 

By the same token, the wrong choice of keywords can have inconclusive results. 

For your SEO campaign to be really successful, the proper keywords should be employed. 

While some are more likely to generate traffic and be looked for in search queries, others can generate qualified traffic as the internet users are more likely to purchase the product or service eventually. 

For this reason, the content within your web pages must be written in a coherent manner, with the right choice of keywords which will trigger both types of traffic. In parallel, the writing style must be pleasing to the audience reading the material, while being consistent with the rules that Google and other search engines use to qualify websites.

How to choose keywords appropriately

Good keywords will generate both traffic and draw in internet users who will end up as paying customers. 

For you to attract such visitors to your website, the keywords chosen should reflect words that are going to be used by your future visitors. 

Precision in the choice of keywords is essential for the project to bear fruits. Indeed, it is not enough to have words which describe the product. It is also necessary to be precise with respect to the locality where the product or service is being commercialised. 

For example : "SEO agency" is quite a vague description, while "SEO agency in Melbourne" is much more likely to generate qualified traffic.

Should you focus your SEO campaign on only one keyword?

NO! It is necessary to widen the reach of your campaign by using a range of keywords which cover various aspects of your business. 

However, it is crucial to pick the right keywords, those which individually may not be looked for in large numbers, but when grouped together account for 80 to 90% of the traffic that search engines deal with, in relation to the subject matter being queried.

In short, for your SEO campaign to be successful, it is important that you have the right, diverse keywords so that you can draw in the maximum amount of qualified traffic.

SEO strategy

How can Linkeo help me with SEO?

Linkeo offers a comprehensive search engine optimisation (SEO) service for our clients to improve their search engine ranking. 
This tailor-made solution consists of selecting the keywords that are preferred by the target audience and using them for web optimisation. 
There is one main key to all the SEO content we produce at Linkeo and that’s relevance. 
We achieve this through market analysis and knowledge of your industry. 
But the most successful way we create relevant content is in consultation with your business. 

Through discussions with you, our SEO consultant will get to know your business, your products and services and your special expertise. 

Most of all, we need to get to know your customers and who would know them better than you? After close consultation with your business, Linkeo can help you choose the keywords that count, ensuring optimum visibility for your specific products or services. 

From there, we’ll write your website content incorporating interesting information that will hit a note with your audience and in doing so we incorporate strong and relevant SEO content. 

Not only will your company create more business for itself with website optimisation by attracting the right audience for your products and services, but the more visible you are on search engine results pages, the higher your credibility will be with your current and potential customers.

Local SEO

How can I specifically attract local customers?

At Linkeo, we know how important local customers are for small businesses. 

The good news for local businesses is that not only are more and more people are looking for products and services online using search engines like Google and Bing but many people are searching using their local city or suburb as a search keyword. 

This means that with some smart use of local Search Engine Optimisation (local SEO), any small business can become highly visible to potential customers who are looking for them locally. 
To add to this, by using the Google Places service and listing your company on it, you will not only rank more highly in search results pages but the search results page will also show a map and contact details and it can even include other information like photos and customer reviews. 

Imagine if with one simple search, a potential customer could have, at their fingertips, all the information they needed to contact you and go from being a potential customer to a new customer? It really gives a whole new meaning to putting your business on the map!

Search Engine Marketing

Can't I just pay Google to list my website at the top?

No. You can’t pay a search engine to list you at the top, but you can pay for a sponsored ranking. This involves conducting a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign through Google AdWords, Bing or Yahoo. 

SEM allows companies to efficiently target new customers and increase their visibility on search engine results pages by teaming up the tools of content optimisation and advertising through sponsored listings. 
This campaign method uses cost per click listings (also known as pay per click), which means that companies only pay when the advertisements have been clicked. 

The method enables companies to quantitatively assess the success of their SEM campaigns because the click-through rate can be quickly measured and monitored. 

Linkeo offers SEM solutions to any business that wants a stronger and more assured web visibility than the kind that your SEO-only campaign can provide. 
The speedy results offered by SEM make it one of the most efficient ways to attract customers and increase revenue.

Website traffic

How do I attract customers to my website?

With your website competing against thousands of others online, it can be hard to stand out. 

When you search for something on Google, how often do you click on one of the very top links presented to you on the results page, without even considering the ones below? 

For most people, it’s most of the time! 

So the best way to optimise the traffic to your website is to get it ranking up in one of those top positions on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

At Linkeo, we love directing traffic. Web traffic, that is!  We can work with your business to improve its ranking through a variety of search engine optimisation strategies. 

How can I improve my Google ranking?

Google uses a set of 200 ranking indicators in order to determine the position of a site in its search results page. 

For instance, one factor is that a website's ranking will benefit from getting linked to from a second site that has a good ranking. Another key factor is relevance. 

By writing website content that is relevant to your audience and uses the types of keywords that your audience is likely to use, Google is more likely to display it in results. 

At Linkeo, we can work with your business on strategies such as website optimization, efficient back links and directory registration. 
Everyone loves Google and pretty soon Google will love your business too!

Website design

Once a customer has reached my website, how do I ensure they stay?

At Linkeo, we think that one of the keys to a successful business website is a high level of usability. 

Sure, an attractive design will make your website look good but that’s useless if your audience can’t find what they need! 

They’ll just go to another website and be another lost customer. 
The best way to encourage visitors to stay on your website is to make it a good experience and to help them find what they need quickly. 

Throughout the development of your website, our web designers will constantly assess your website’s usability to ensure your audience can find the products and services they need quickly and easily. 

We can also perform regular audits on the behaviour of visitors to your website, taking into account factors such as:

  • Which pages are visited the most? 
  • Why do people leave one page more quickly than others?
  • On average, how long do people stay on the site?

By constantly reviewing and improving your site’s usability, you’ll be ensuring a better experience for your customers every time they visit and this can only better for business.  

How can I make it easier for customers to contact me?

Once your potential customer finds that perfect product or service, Linkeo has made it even easier for them to contact you. 

Thanks to our Web Call-Back solution, your potential customers can contact you immediately. 

If a person sees a product or service they like while they’re browsing your website, they don’t have to leave the computer to go to the phone or find their mobile and they don’t even have to leave the web page they’re on to find your number. 

With one click on the instant call button, they’ll be getting in touch and well on the way to becoming a new customer.

Mobile SEO

How can I attract the right customers for my business?

No one likes to be targeted with an advertisement they’re not interested in. 

That’s the reason why we have a spam folder in our email and a mute button on the television. 

Conducting an untargeted advertising campaign can be bad for your company’s reputation. 
Not only that, spending money on advertising that isn’t hitting the mark is bad for the bottom line. 

With Linkeo, you can now target the right customer at the right time and not bother the others. Imagine if a potential customer was just around the corner searching on their smartphone for your company’s particular product or service. 

Now imagine if we had the technology to pick up that person’s location and send them a targeted advertisement promoting just the product they were after. 

We do! It’s a form of mobile SEO and it’s called geotargeting ads. 
With Linkeo, now your company can zoom in on your target customer exactly when they want you. 

Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

Social networking

How can I encourage return business?

Every small-business owner knows that the only thing that’s better than a new customer is a regular customer. 

If you have a retail store in the local shopping centre you know that a couple of the best ways to build and nurture a relationship with your regular customers is through great service and friendly communication. 

Online, it’s just the same but you don’t do it face to face, you do it by social networking. 

That’s why at Linkeo, we don’t just do small business web design but we also set our small business clients up with a strong social media presence. 

We can create your Facebook and Google+ business pages and advise you on your social media strategy. 

So while the big companies are spending huge amounts of money on TV advertising that nobody wants to watch, you can be building stronger customer relationships online and drumming up business for free!