Directory Submission

It’s great to have a site; it’s better to have a site that’s been indexed in all the relevant directories for your industry! Let us manage your link-building strategy.

Directory Registration

Registration in sector-specific directories

Link-building is crucial to SEO, so let us handle your link-building strategy. Inclusion in sector-relevant online directories improves visibility, especially when a qualified prospect needs services like yours. It’s good to have a fully-functional website; it’s better to have one that’s indexed in all the directories that matter in your industry.

We work with specialised and general directories, and we’ll determine where to include you based on your sector : Google Maps, Yellow Pages, yelp etc...

Linkeo also possesses its own network of directories and specialist blogs to augment your link-building strategy. Working with us ensures you benefit from our online best practices: We’ve identified over 150 qualified online directory domains in our 15 years of existence!

From $160 per month