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Get digital strategist advice Book a meeting now!

Mobile and Web Applications

The mobile app will simplify your customer interaction while allowing you to push specific content and information.

Mobile Apps

Benefits for your company:

  • Build customer loyalty with customised content
  • Engage customers with geolocated notifications
  • Grow your business with limited time offers
  • Simplify your customer interaction

Benefits for your customers:


  • Contact details and opening hours accessible at a glance
  • Access to good deals, specials and limited time offers!

Advantages of the mobile app

Local-oriented application

Allow your customers to quickly locate and find you. Additionally, stimulate their curiosity with geolocated notifications so they receive a message on their smartphone when they enter your neighbourhood!

Modular application

Customisable according to your needs. Custom options can be added such as a planner (online appointment taking), loyalty card (100% dematerialised loyalty card) or reviews (to collect customer reviews).

Privileged link

Don’t miss the opportunity to develop a privileged relationship with your customers by creating an app that allows you to notify them at any time for any type of need (social, administrative, professional....).

Mobile Apps

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